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My Videos

I create poetry videos using my own poems and other poets' poems with permission. I've also enjoyed creating music videos earlier in my video making career.

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Green Tea Ice Cream Stockings By Gary Singh

A poem by Gary Singh. This was my first attempt at title animation using Singh's photography.


Destiny Nation By Kimy Martinez (KMart)

A poetry film I wrote and directed. Actors are Jane Kovac and Lena Nelson.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 10.11.10

Starcrossed Again By Gregory Paul, Video by Kimy Martinez (KMart)

I directed and edited this video eight years ago from a song I really like called "Star Crossed" by Gregory Paul. It's a beautiful song that, for me, inspires romance between two people and the romance they share with the love of understanding light. With Newton's pages of notes, spirals of diffraction, to "woman descending staircase" imagery, reflecting multiple dimensions (split atom experiment) I attempt to capture some of the ideas of what I thought the song conveyed. Actors are Tulio Flores and Anna Martinez.


Wheel Of Calm by Mosaic. Music video directed by Kimy Martinez (KMart)

This is a video I directed about ten years ago. Music by Mozaic. Actor Anna Martinez. Some camera work and editing by John Kovac.


I Am A Reporter by KMart

This is my first poetry film. I created it after collecting footage for Soul In A Matchbox.


Sister Stalking Short Film Trailer

This is the trailer I edited for my first short film I wrote, directed and produced. I taught myself how to rotoscope.

Sister Stalking_Image 2 of 8.jpg
Videos: Latest Articles

Stabbydoll People

Interviews with Stabbydoll Media's board members and contributors.

Videos: Welcome
Kimy Martinez 5.jpg

Stabbydoll Media's Director/Writer,
Kimy Martinez

Videos: About


A poetry film with an introduction followed by three parts.

Videos: About

I'm A Section 8 Valley Girl

Bodacious big time with my coterie!

Dichotomy of language to serious subject matter is what I've created within this video. I want to provoke a feeling of uncomfortableness. I want my audience to be weary of pop culture candy coating what is trauma for others. This video is not about any minority, nor about discrimination. Part of the video is about some of my own experiences living in the projects, other parts contain commentary on what I've seen happen to addicts in the past and present. For full Youtube video push my heart!

Interview with Daniel Nicoletta

Daniel Nicoletta Screenshot 2023-11-11 at 11.00.33 AM.png


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