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Soul In A Matchbox poem published in Caesura

My poem “Soul In A Matchbox” has just been published in Caesura, 2018. This is my first print publication. I’m absolutely thrilled to have this poem published through Poetry Center San Jose, an organization that has now existed for forty years. Like many non-profits, they exist because of the love for the craft and the hardworking members who dedicate time to produce work that they hope will create change, helping humanity progress. We are fortunate to have these grass-root organizations exist still in the Silicon Valley.

A heart felt thank you to the editors that accepted this poem. I feel like the voice of the poem has finally been heard and, even, listened to. It’s for the generations of moms that couldn’t speak up.

If you get a chance visit Caesura online, or in person, and pick up a copy! Cheers!

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