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KKUP Interview with California Poet Laureate Dana Gioia

I invited Dana Gioia as guest poet for Poets N Film event in collaboration with Cinequest film festival and Poetry Center San Jose. I thought while we had him in the neighborhood that I would see if going on the air was something of interest to him. I was excited when Rachelle Escamilla accepted my invitation to have Dana Gioia on her radio show "Out Of Our Minds." She features local poets. Dana was thrilled to be a part of our San Jose live radio show being a constant on BBC Radio. As his mission with title of the state laureate he visited 58 counties in California. Yes, he's pretty awesome! In fact I'm listening to his podcast on BBC called "Every County in the State of California." Listen:

Stabbydoll Media had the opportunity to film the KKUP interview.

Dana Gioia, Kimy Martinez, and Alan Soldofsky. Filmed by Chris Knight.

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